New Ramses College

Success For All Learners

Statement of purpose

The Evangelical Church in Egypt is concerned to actively serve the nation through its schools and, as a part of the whole community, aims to present a College which encourages high moral values and academic merit. At the same time, we seek to build relationships for good citizenship, whilst respecting and accepting others and preparing a new generation to live in a world that is rapidly changing. 

In training students for the future, and the technology of the twenty first century, we aim at equipping them to be productive in a global society.Our policy is to develop a high standard of academic excellence and enable students to develop skills and methods that will extend their understanding of science and society.This will be done by integrating a new appreciation of the Egyptian curriculum with modern teaching methods.This will allow the development of the student as a person with resources and skills that will benefit both himself and the whole community.  

Students are encouraged to see themselves as whole persons with choice, taking the responsibility that goes with that choice.They also need to develop a self discipline enabling them to make responsible choices in a society which itself is having to adapt to changing standards and which has a growing awareness of its own need for change.

The College will also be available to the local community as a center for learning and the development of leisure with an informal, but disciplined atmosphere, in which fully trained instructors promote the development of social and manual skills.

To sum up, the College is a center of learning and activity in which, through teamwork and initiative, all who attend will be able to realize their full potential as Egyptian citizens with a growing understanding of what it means to be a member of both local and global communities.

Our Vision

(Our Values and Beliefs)

  •  Building a balanced personality qualified with positive human values.
  •  Caring for the skills and knowledge of the students.
  •  Preparing a good citizen who believes in citizenship and accepting others.
  •  Offering an interactive educational environment.
  •  Fostering a passion of searching for knowledge, selfeducation using worldwide technology and experiences.
  •  Working on relating education to the environment.
  • Ensuring the career develpoment of teachers and all the staff of the school.

To reach our vision, New Ramses College Will:

  1. Employ and develop exemplary staff and leadership sensitive to learner differences and committed to “success for all learners”.
  2. Value all learners, expect all learners to be successful, and create an environment that encourages and facilitates learning.
  3. Provide a quality educational program consisting of the challenges, experiences and opportunities that develop globally competitive students and citizens.
  4. Develop relationships that will facilitate enhancement of student learning.
  5. Commit to a continuous process of school improvement that is data-driven and will provide informed, student-centered decisions.

Our Mission
(Why We Exist) 
The school offers distinctive education that prepares a unique person and a student who is able to compete internationally in the shape of a uniquely educational leadership and in an atmosphere of social cooperation.

We Believe

  • Our school exists to serve students.
  • All students can be successful learners.
  • A climate that emphasizes the worth, dignity, and unique attributes of each person is fundamental to teaching and learning.
  • Essential elements to a student’s success are a skilled and caring staff and a positive and safe environment.
  • Education is a partnership between school, home and community.
  • People have an inherent desire to learn, to improve, and to contribute through meaningful work.
  • Time invested in building relationships is time well spent.
  • Student achievement is the purpose and reward for our work.
  • Collaboration must be encouraged over competition.
  • Resources and services are essential for effective instruction.
  • All staff must continue to learn and all schools must continue to improve.