Daily Schedule


Kindergarten 7:15 - 7:30
7:15 - 7:30
Preparatory 7:15 - 7:30
7:15 - 7:30
IGCSE 7:15 - 7:30
CP  7:15 - 7:30

Morning line

Kindergarten 7:40
Preparatory 7:35
Secondary / IGCSE
7:40 in class
CP 7:35
Foundation 7:40


Gate Bus
Kindergarten 1:50 pm 2:05 pm
1:50 pm 2:10 pm
2:05 pm 2:10 pm
Upper Primary
2:15 pm 2:20 pm
2:25 pm 2:20 pm
Secondary 2:30 pm 2:20 pm
Pre- IG 2:25 pm 2:15 pm
2:30 pm
CP 2:05 pm 2:15 pm
Foundation 1:50 pm 2:05 pm


Students should appear neat and clean each day. That is why they have to stick to school uniform. Remember that your child’s appearance affects his / her general well being and may even affect his /her relations with others.

Our main goal is to train our students that there is a time and place for everything. Just as schools are the place for students to act and look presentable, we continously encourage them to be comfortable and to learn how to become professional later on in life.

Please note that the school’s uniform is ONLY available at Rose Mary Stores and Eagle Stores.

Sport’s Uniform is added to the school’s uniform and is available for all stages (Prim. - Sec.) For the National and from (CP - Pre-IG) For the International

• School jackets will not be replaced by any other jacket, even if it is of the same colour.. 

Shoes need to be either black or white. Students will not be allowed to either change or wear colourful shoes for their PE sessions. 

Plain white socks. 

Bracelets, necklaces, Accessories and colourful hair bands are not allowed. 

T- shirt underneath school uniform is similar to the uniform. 

Shorts are not allowed for Preparatory, Secondary, Pre-IG and IGCSE Stages 

• Please check that the students’ names are written on their jackets, books … etc. 

• PE t-shirts will only be allowed on the day of their PE sessions. 

1. For Boys: Short and neatly cut hair is required.
• Boys of Preparatory, Secondary, Pre-IGCSE and IGCSE stages should have clean shaven faces.
2. For Girls: Loose hair and hair dye are not accepted.
• Girls are forbidden to wear any nail polish or gel.
• Girls can only wear one pair of small earrings (studs); any other earrings will be taken from the students, or students might be asked to leave back home as a result.
• Tattoos are totally not allowed.
* Serious consequences will be taken against students who don’t abide by school uniform and acceptable appearance.


Students should ride their school bus as soon as they go downstairs, at the end of the day, and not to leave the school bus again for any reason, as the bus doors will be closed. In condition any student intends to be late, he would be prevented from riding the school bus; and his parents will come to pick him up.
After counting five, the school buses will be closed; accordingly, the bus matron will inform the parent to pick his child up from school.
In the school bus, students need to sit where the bus matron asks them to and not to change places; in case he does not follow her instructions, school regulations will be applied.
Students need to keep the bus clean and not to mess up with or destruct other’s property; in this condition, parents will be asked to pay for repairing the damage, caused by his son or daughter.
In case students do not follow the school’s regulations and policy, students will receive a written warning; in case this is repeated, they will not be allowed to use the bus service, for some time.
In condition the student needs to bring anything for his school activity or any breakable things, he needs to give them to the bus matron as soon as he rides the bus, and take them back upon arrival to the school premises.
In case a student will not go back home by bus for any reason, first, parents need to inform the students’ affairs by sending an email, filling the skip bus form on the website or sending a WhatsApp message; second, parents need to call the bus matron, after that, to inform her.
Students need to follow the bus matron’s instructions, sit in their places and not to stand up or move around, on the journey to or back from school.
All security guards’ instructions need to be followed, concerning arrival and departure’s times, at the beginning and the end of the day respectively.
Consequences of misbehavior:

Students who refuse to follow the rules and regulations set by the administration will be reported to the principals of schools. Parents will be notified of the offensive behavior and the student will be suspended from riding the bus, at first temporarily and if necessary, permanently.


- It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children are off campus after dismissal time unless they are involved in an after school activity because they are unsupervised after dismissal time. After fifteen-minutes from the time the school day ends children will be supervised for a fee in the Day care.

- Pick up cards will be issued to all kindergarten students.

- Primary students are not allowed to leave alone except with a written note stating the parent’s approval that the student will go home on his own. This paper is to be submitted to the principal of the student’s school. If you have any concerns you need to contact Mr. Ibrahim Sobhy.

Attendance & Tardiness


NRC’s instructional program is based on the assumption that students will attend school regularly.

Daily class attendance is a condition for general academic progress at the school.

If your child is absent for more than 3 days, he or she should bring a note to students’ affairs office explaining the reason for the absence.

In case of an extended illness, we ask that a doctor’s note be supplied, given to the students’ affairs and upon the child’s return, the school doctor sees him.

- Excessive unjustified absence will affect student’s progress and grades will be deducted from years work.

- Major health concerns should be brought to the attention of the Principal of the school.

…N.B. For Secondary Students: Please be informed that students who are absent without an acceptable reason for more than 15 continuous or 30 separate days, their names will be removed from the school registers (expelled) .

They have only one chance to be readmitted in school.

This system is in accordance to the ministry decree no. (190) dated 5/9/2001. Hence, if a student is absent for one day or more , he/she must submit a written note or a medical certificate or both to the students’ affairs office.

Medical certificates will be checked by school doctors.

…Note: For IGCSE Students Students must attend 86% of the academic year otherwise they are not eligible to register for the Cambridge International Examinations. 


Students should come to school on time in the morning as the gate will be closed 7:45 sharp
and no exceptions are allowed.

- Morning lines start 7:35 and students should be as punctual and responsible as we always advise them to be, they have to attend the lines.

* Notice: After 7:45 am all NRC students will not be allowed in school.
* Students will be asked to go back home.

Homework & Assessment Policies

 The personal study outside school will include preparing for tests & future lessons, reading textbooks and notes as well as completing assignments and projects. Our homework policy and daily schedule will, if adhered to, prevent the need for students to attend private lessons.

  •      School assessments and Report Cards:
    We will continuously assess the students’ performance on a daily basis, from their homework, quizzes, assignments and class participation.
  •      Assessment results will be posted on the school’s website using the student’s private code delivered to you by the school.
  •      * Note: Students, who are sick during monthly exams or have an acceptable excuse, have to communicate in writing with the Students’ affairs office presenting required documents.
  •      Medical excuses will have to be approved by the school doctor. -For KG Children, report cards will be sent twice a year.
  •      Learning support groups:
    Also learning support groups are provided for students who need additional help in specific subjects.
  •      The college faculty recommends students for participation in these groups.
  •      These groups meet for an hour & a half each week after school for a duration of two months before term exams.


NRC believes that maintaining good line of communication between the school and parents is of critical importance to student success.
 Phone calls and notes are welcomed and encouraged.
In addition to these valuable informal means, you can expect several other approaches of communication.
Principals receive phone calls only after 9 o’clock. 
 Teacher Parent Meetings

Meetings with parents are scheduled in advance and parents will be notified through notifications posted on the school website. However parents can set appointments with teachers on specific times agreed upon by both sides. This could be fixed through the agendas or phone calls.
These are opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss individual students progress.

 Meeting with Staff / Management

If you want to make an appointment with any staff or management member, schedule a meeting through the school’s secretary.
Please note that staff or management members will not be able to see you during the day if they have not been informed ahead of time because during that time they have other duties to attend.


If you have an e-mail address, please let us know about it in order to communicate with you online.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
 The PTA is a service association that offers support to numerous school programs and activities.
It also assists in maintaining lines of communication within the school community.


 In the primary and the preparatory schools, daily communication between teachers and parents happens through the agenda.
This communication includes H.W, lessons covered through the day, special notices about class or school event and comments on student’s behavioral or academic progress.
That is why it is important that you read and sign the agenda on regular daily basis.

Health Service

The school has a doctor on a partime basis from the health insurance organization. In addition, The school has a private doctor that comes on assigned hours. All students have health insurance cards. You can make use of all the medical services they provide. The health program includes supervision of basic health services and the instruction of basic health and hygiene.
The school needs to be informed in case any student suffers from any chronic diseases or urgent medical conditions to be able to maintain students’ safety.
If a student is absent for three days, he/she has to be checked by the doctor before being admitted to class.

Emergency procedures

In case of any accident occurrences the following procedure takes place:

1) School doctor sees the student. First aid is done.

2) If needed school contacts parents.

3) If parents cannot be reached, the student will be taken to Ain Shams Specialized Hospital.

... If you disagree with this policy, you need to inform us in writing.


Please remember to have yearly medical check-ups for your children and to follow the immunization remodulations with your doctor. (Example MMR, Polio etc.).

Failure to do so may lead to serious complications.



Absence is not allowed during Monthly Exams.
If a student, who has been absent, presents an acceptable excuse in 48 hours, it will be accepted in condition that he sits the exam, according to the schedule announced by the school, at a later time.

Items to be delivered to students

Should parents need to deliver any item to the student (e.g. sandwiches, books, activities, etc.), these items will be received by the school receptionist only for the period from 8:00 am till 10:00 am up to maximum 3 times throughout the term. School receptionist will not receive any items arriving to school after this period.

Gate cards  

1. Up to Sixth primary or year six, students will only be allowed to go back home with their parents or with whoever is delegated by the parents, by showing the Gate Card at the gates.
2. More than one delegation is not allowed; delegations are made at the Security Department’s.
3. In the mornings, do not leave students at the school gates and leave, without checking that they have entered the school gates.
4. Private drivers will not be allowed to pick up any children, before the departure of the school buses from Gate1.

Special Events

Birthday parties will not be held in classes due to our tight schedule and other inconveniences.
** School programs like the Fun Day and yearly programs will be announced in advance.

Money & Canteen

Money is not allowed in all conditions (especially for KG, FS, CP, Lower and Upper Primary stages).
We do not have a canteen at NRC; students are not allowed to use the canteen of the nearby schools; and the school is not responsible in case any problem occurs outside the school gates, as a result.

Trading amongst students

It is totally forbidden for students to carry out any trading activities amongst each other; i.e., selling or buying from each other.

Personal hygiene

1. Hair lice: if student is diagnosed with hair lice, s/he should stay at home for a week for treatment on condition to be checked on arrival by school doctor.
2. Students should keep their daily cleanliness.
3. Students' nails should be short, clean and neat. No nail polish is allowed for girls.
4. • All kinds of sprays (deodorants, perfume, alcohols …) are not allowed at school.

Extracurricular Activities (After School Programs)

Extracurricular Activities (After School Programs)
Activities beyond the school day have become an integral part of NRC.
The program offers activities such as music, art, sports, and computers. Notification will be posted on the school website.

Lost and Found

 Any lost items will be located on the school’s secretary’s office that your son/daughter belongs to.
 Your son/daughter can ask their class teacher/floor supervisor, to help him/her find their lost items.
 Items not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to a local charity.
 We strongly recommend that all articles and uniforms are labeled in advance.


NRC staff do not accept presents from any child or parent. Bus attendants and drivers do not take tips under any circumstances.
A simple thank you card will be sufficient.
 If a parent insists on breaking bus rules, this may promptly lead to his child’s dismissal from the bus service.

Students leaving school during the school day

Students are not allowed to leave school during the school day except for the following reasons:
   1) Student is sick and school doctor advised that she / he goes home .
   2) In Emergency .
   3) Sports championships , provided that related documents are submitted to Mr. Hany Agaiby beforehand.

Field Trips

You can expect one or more trips outside the school during the year. These will take place during school hours. Children may be asked to bring lunches with them for the trip. Adequate supervision is provided for all trips. These trips provide opportunities for experiential learning that enhances material being covered in the classroom. You will be informed of the time and venue of any trip ahead of time.
* Students should be wearing their regular uniform not the PE.

Valuable Items and mobile phones

 Jewelry, expensive school supplies, toys, money and any electronic devices are not allowed in school.
 School administration have experienced multiple problems due to the presence of mobile phones with students.
Therefore,Mobile phones will be taken if not turned off; parents will be informed, and asked to pick up their child’s mobile phone at the end of the day after signing a pledge.
If mobile phones are taken for a second time, they will be taken to the end of the term, and in all conditions, parents will be asked to pick them up after signing a pledge.
Mobile phones are only allowed at the end of the day (for Preparatory, Secondary, Pre-IGCSE and IGCSE stages) near the school gates to facilitate booking any means of transportation – if needed.
Mobile phones will not be used to access resources and study, in the school premises or in the playgrounds, during the school day.
Smart watches are not allowed at school at all times.


Since it has been proven that food affects the level of concentration and health of your child, send a healthy, home-made snack for your child. Examples, include sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, etc.
This policy also decreases conflicts among children. Unhealthy snacks are not allowed and will be taken away from the child. Examples of these unhealthy snacks include foods and drinks with too much sugar and most processed foods containing preservatives.
• Hot drinks are not allowed at school, and in this condition, school regulations will be applied. • Chewing Gums and seeds are totally not allowed.

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