New Ramses College

Success For All Learners

Attendance & Tardiness


 NRC’s instructional program is based on the assumption that students will attend school regularly. 

 Daily class attendance is a condition for general academic progress at the school. 

If your child is absent for more than 3 days, he or she should bring a note to students’ affairs office explaining the reason for the absence. 

In case of an extended illness, we ask that a doctor’s note be supplied, given to the students’ affairs and upon the child’s return, the school doctor sees him. 

 - Excessive unjustified absence will affect student’s progress and grades will be deducted from years work. 

 - Major health concerns should be brought to the attention of the Principal of the school. 

 …N.B. For Secondary Students: Please be informed that students who are absent without an acceptable reason for more than 15 continuous or 30 separate days, their names will be removed from the school registers (expelled) . 

They have only one chance to be readmitted in school. 

 This system is in accordance to the ministry decree no. (190) dated 5/9/2001. Hence, if a student is absent for one day or more , he/she must submit a written note or a medical certificate or both to the students’ affairs office. 

Medical certificates will be checked by school doctors. 

 …Note: For IGCSE Students Students must attend 86% of the academic year otherwise they are not eligible to register for the Cambridge International Examinations. 


 Students should come to school on time in the morning as the gate will be closed 7:45 sharp
and no exceptions are allowed.

- Morning lines start 7:35 and students should be as punctual and responsible as we always advise them to be, they have to attend the lines.

* Notice: After 7:45 am all NRC students will not be allowed in school.
* Students will be asked to go back home.