New Ramses College

Success For All Learners


NRC believes that maintaining good line of communication between the school and parents is of critical importance to student success.

 Phone calls and notes are welcomed and encouraged. 

In addition to these valuable informal means, you can expect several other approaches of communication. 

Principals receive phone calls only after 9 o’clock. 

  •  Teacher Parent Meetings: 

 Meetings with parents are scheduled in advance and parents will be notified through notifications posted on the school website. However parents can set appointments with teachers on specific times agreed upon by both sides.This could be fixed through the agendas or phone calls. 

These are opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss individual students progress. 

  •  Meeting with Staff / Management: 

 If you want to make an appointment with any staff or management member, schedule a meeting through the school’s secretary. 

Please note that staff or management members will not be able to see you during the day if they have not been informed ahead of time because during that time they have other duties to attend . 

  • E-mail : 

 If you have an e-mail address, please let us know about it in order to communicate with you online. 

  • Agenda: 

 In the primary and the preparatory schools, daily communication between teachers and parents happens through the agenda. 

 This communication includes H.W, lessons covered through the day, special notices about class or school event and comments on student’s behavioral or academic progress. 

That is why it is important that you read and sign the agenda on regular daily basis.

  • The Parent Teacher Association (PTA): 

 The PTA is a service association that offers support to numerous school programs and activities. 

It also assists in maintaining lines of communication within the school community.