New Ramses College

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Student Conduct Policy

Introduction: The aim of New Ramses College with its staff, activities, curricula, extra curricular activities and resources is to provide a positive & healthy educational environment. 

Our general rules of conduct revolve around two general areas:

 1- Respect for others: 

a- Listening to others while talking 

b- Speaking politely to others 

c- No verbal or physical violence.

 2- Respect for materials: 

a- To be careful of other people’s properties. 

b- To take care of school property.

 – In the event that a student intentionally and repeatedly breaks these rules, the following steps will be taken: 


The teacher or any adult in a position of responsibility for the student, agrees with the student on an observational period (a week) during which the particular behavior is dealt with. 


In the event that the problem is not resolved, the teacher informs the principal and they conduct a meeting with the student and another week is given to work on the problem. Disciplinary actions may be decided during this meeting by staff and will be communicated to parents. 


In the event that the problem is not resolved, the social worker conducts a meeting with both the parent and the child (on individuals base) to get the parent support in solving the problem. 

Note: In some cases the principal will need to transfer the student to another class. 


In the event that the problem is not resolved, the principal conducts a second meeting with the parent and the social worker. For prep. and sec. stages the class committee is notified and its recommendations are taken into consideration. The social worker develops a program for the student and is responsible for communicating it to teachers, parents, and the principal. 


In the event that the problem is not resolved, the principal of the school refers the student to the College Director who calls for a meeting of the College committee to take the suitable legal steps. The College committee is made up of the College Director, member of the PTA and a member of the student union. This committee ensures that all steps were carried out carefully and in the best interest of all students. This will be followed by a meeting with the parent of the student to inform him of steps to be taken which may include suspension or expulsion. In case a student is suspended or expelled, teachers will send academic materials for work to be done at home. Decisions about further steps will be carried out according to progress observed. 

***Note: Violence will be faced with serious action.