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Ms. Vivian is responsible for the bus rounds. If you have any problems, regarding route, time or bus attendant, talk to her.Drivers are instructed not to wait for students and not to sound their horns to call them out. You must have your child ready and waiting in the street before the time the bus is expected to arrive.You are responsible for meeting your child at the bus stop upon his/her return.You can sign a paper stating your approval that we drop the child without having a person waiting for him.If we don’t have the written approval and no one is waiting for the child, the child will be returned to school and parents will be contacted to pick him/her up from school.At the end of the day, buses leave 10 minutes after the school day is over.Students have to be in the bus by the fifth count, or else the bus’s door will be closed and the student will be allowed to ride the bus, on condition that school bus will not pass by that student on the next day.

  • In case your son/daughter will go home with you, you must inform the bus attendant so the bus doesn’t wait for him/her.
    Call or send a note to Ms. Vivian.

  • The bus attendant has full responsibility for ensuring the safety of the students and implementing school rules. Full cooperation is expected from all students.
  • Bus fees cover a complete bus round (morning & afternoon). Half rounds are not accepted.
  • Only one address will be considered.
  • The school administration has the right to adjust the bus round, change the driver, the bus attendent or even the bus, all to provide a better service.

School Bus Safety Code:

Riding the school bus is a privilege and in order to keep the ride to and from school safe for everyone, students must behave in a responsible and respectful manner. Following the school bus rules will keep our buses safe and comfortable for everyone.

Expected Bus Behavior:

1- Obey bus attendant’s instructions.

2- Students are to remain in their seats.

3- Students are to keep their heads and hands inside the bus.

4- Students will speak quietly.

5- Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not permitted on the bus unless there is a medical reason.

6- Any dangerous objects that must be brought to school for a project (glass, jar, etc.) should be carried by the bus attendant for safety.

7- Any problems with other students on the bus must be reported to bus attendant to deal with.

8- Keep the bus clean.

9- Use only appropriate language.

10-Don’t exit the bus once you have boarded.

11-Don’t speak in a way that teases, hurts or harasses others.

12-Do nothing to threaten the safety of others on or off bus.

13-Do not vandalize the bus or anyone’s property.

14-Don’t hit, punch, kick or physically assault another student.

15-Don’t act in a disrespectful or answer back the bus attendant and bus driver.

Consequences of misbehavior:

Students who refuse to follow the rules and regulations set by the administration will be reported to the principals of schools. Parents will be notified of the offending behavior and the student will be suspended from riding the bus, at first temporarily and if necessary, permanently.