New Ramses College

Success For All Learners

Homework & Assessment Policies


 The personal study outside school will include preparing for tests & future lessons, reading textbooks and notes as well as completing assignments and projects. Our homework policy and daily schedule will, if adhered to, prevent the need for students to attend private lessons. 

  • School assessments and Report Cards: 

 We will continuously assess the students’ performance on a daily basis, from their homework, quizzes, assignments and class participation.

 Assessment results will be posted on the school’s website using the student’s private code delivered to you by the school. 

 * Note: Students, who are sick during monthly exams or have an acceptable excuse, have to communicate in writing with the Students’ affairs office presenting required documents. 

Medical excuses will have to be approved by the school doctor. -For KG Children, report cards will be sent twice a year. 

  •  Learning support groups: 
  •  Also learning support groups are provided for students who need additional help in specific subjects. 

The college faculty recommends students for participation in these groups. 

  •  These groups meet for an hour & a half each week after school for a duration of two months before term exams.